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Working in a business as a Management Accountant I found that although I enjoy the structure and numbers side of my job, I just wasn't able to also fulfil my value of helping others. I joined the Samaritans for a year and found that I was great at listening to others and offering support to help them find the answers.

Following this, I trained for the Foundation Award in Counselling Skills and went on to spent two years volunteering for No Panic Sheffield giving talks on how to deal with anxiety and related issues including low self esteem, overthinking, procrastination, rumination and fear in making big choices.

I believe that with coaching support at the critical points in our lives we can turn a feeling of being stuck into a new corner filled with opportunity. Receiving the right support at the right time can help us to believe that our goals are achievable and can give us the motivation to completely change the direction of our lives.

An example of a big choice I made was in 2014 when I left my job to travel around South America to learn more about the culture of Latin American people and to volunteer with NGOs. This is something I would never have done without support from others who believed it was right for me to do and exactly what I needed at that time.


Life coaching helps us to look at our lives, see where we are at and what we need to focus on to get moving in the right direction.

We have a great deal of input into what shapes our lives and what our lives become and sometimes we just need support to take that step into action.

With the right help we can discover what it is we want, reframe our limiting self-doubts, be passionate about home, work and every aspect of our lives.


What I have learnt with Karen, is that by reflecting on experiences which I have had in previous career roles I was able to draw out aspects which went well, and think about what actions I took which led to a successful result

Client May 2021

As a result from my coaching sessions with Karen she helped me break things down into

manageable steps. Via Karen’s coaching I found that I was creating small steps that I could put in place

almost straight after our sessions.

Client September 2021